Our Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Behre Dolbear and AME have been our Major Sponsors since forever. We are extremely proud and grateful to be supported by both companies.

Behre Dolbear Australia

Behre Dolbear Australia are Mineral Industry Consultants


AME perform Resource Engineering and Industry Analysis

Silver Sponsors

Our sponsors are the life blood of the Sydney Mining Club. We appreciate every one of them.


Association of Mining and Exploration Companies

CRE Insurance

Insurance for the Construction, Resources and Energy Sectors

GEOS Mining

Minerals Consultants


Research as a Service

The independent investment research house for small-cap and micro-cap companies.


Mine Services

APM Graphics Management

Graphic Design and Visual Communication


Commodity Research


Lithium-boron producer

RFC Ambrian

Corporate Advisors & METS Investors



Mining & Resources


Fender Geophysics

Geophysical Consulting Firm

NSW Mining

NSW Minerals Council


Funds Management


Veritas Securities Limited

Business Advisory