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To Gillian Sabin & all
I have been running the Sydney Mining Club for the 24 years since its creation and though more than 15 of those years Chris Sabin was by my side serving the members with his unrelenting and entirely voluntary help. I used to address him as ‘amigo’ because he was a friend to me through all the challenges that continuously presenting high profile speakers threw at us. Chris fielded most of them.
His industry knowledge was encyclopaedic and he was always able to pick up the phone and connect with industry leaders with his slightly British and proper manner. It gave the Club a nice air. His connection with Sharon Johnson and her strong administration at the Lindfield Corporate Centre gave us a strong operating backbone.
We consistently presented major mining projects, one a month, year in year out.  Over a year, we served thousands of lunches, and the members came to deeply love ‘their’ Club. Our Patron, Australia’s greatest business writer the wonderful Trevor Sykes was also very fond of Chris and was also very sad to hear of his passing. We have lost a loyal, constant and important friend.
Best wishes to all close to him, vale Chris


  • Based on many years of work in the industry, including work in Rio Tinto head office in London, Chris developd a good understanding of all aspects of the industry. Meetings with Chris were rewarding because he asked the right questions. We lost a wise friend.
    Jacob Rebek

  • Very sad to hear this news; I will always remember Chris for his loyalty to the Club and for his support to us as members and sponsors – always gentlemanly and with understanding. He will be missed. I heard through Kerry and Suzanne – the ladies’ mafia still alive and well even here in Plymouth. Sincere condolences to Chris’ family and to all of you at SMC

  • Pieter Moeskops

    A good loyal friend going all the way back to IC London 1971 to 1973. Chris was a Mining Geology undergraduate and I was a PhD student. He was a good bloke who I will miss.

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