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226th Event - Thursday 5th October 2017 

The wonderful Earth Scientist Professor Emeritus Ian Plimer

Ian is well known to the SMC, has published a string of climate science books over the last decade that are highly criticised by the man-made climate change alarmists and by most of the ‘progressive’ media as ‘false’ and ‘misleading’.

Senator Cory Bernardi will be launching Ian’s latest book, titled:

"Climate change delusion and the great electricity ripoff."

Ian now lives in the energy-rich blackout state of South Australia, and writes:

How did one of the world’s largest exporters of coal, gas and uranium end up with unreliable and expensive energy?

Massive subsidies for renewable energy, gaming of the electricity market and government mandates have closed coal-fired generators that previously provided cheap reliable electricity. We now pay through the nose for electricity, businesses are closing, people are losing jobs and many cannot afford to pay their electricity bills. 

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther objected to indulgences. Today indulgences are sought as subsidies from consumers for renewable energy generators in the name of the environmental religion. 
It has never been shown that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming and the recent massive increases in emissions produced no warming.
This book shows that renewable energy creates more environmental damage than coal-fired electricity generation and much of the generously-funded climate “science” is underpinned by fraud.

However, there is a simple solution to the suicidal energy policy created by pandering to green hysteria that gave us ruinable energy.”

After the talk, Ian will be available to sign his book, drink and generally be convivial.
Ian's book will be available to purchase at the event.

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A Special event on Wednesday 22nd November at 7 pm...

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The Sydney Mining Club's home 

The Sydney Mining Club luncheons are held at the Ivy Ballroom, level 1, Ivy, off 320-330 George Street.

Turn into Palings Lane (between glasses and pyjamas shops)  and walk to the end then turn left at the bakery into the Ivy.


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