Making Mining Easier

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The 280th Sydney Mining Club – Lunchtime Event
at 12 pm on 3 August 2023 at the Establishment Ballroom

Making Mining Easier

Two Mining Tech Companies Helping Explorers Score

CEO of Imdex, Paul House and Managing Director of Chrysos Corporation, Dirk Treasure

Last year, spending on mining exploration across Australia, most notably in Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, reached record highs. As explorers reach deeper and further afield, cutting-edge technologies are becoming increasingly popular as companies seek to reduce costs and access the most reliable data.

Imdex (ASX: IMD)

Presented by CEO, Paul House
Imdex is a WA-based mining technology company that helps drillers and miners find, define and mine orebodies with precision and speed.
To do this, the company offers an integrated range of drilling optimisation products, cloud-connected rock knowledge sensors and data and analytics to improve the process of identifying and extracting mineral resources.
Just recently, Imdex acquired Norwegian rival Devico to gain a bigger footprint in global exploration efforts that are focused on critical minerals and gold.
Since expanding, Imdex is on track to have presence on 22 of 43 super sites in North America, 12 of 18 in South America, eight of 13 in Europe, 12 of 30 in Africa, and 11 of 28 in Australia and the Asia Pacific.
NB: a super site is defined as those with five or more coring drill rigs on site.

Chrysos Corporation (ASX: C79)

Presented by Managing Director, Dirk Treasure
Chrysos Corporation uses cutting-edge assay technologies and services to deliver crucial operational data to explorers and miners.
The company’s flagship technology is its CSIRO-developed PhotonAssay technology that delivers faster, safer, more accurate and environmentally friendly analysis of gold, silver, copper and other elements.
PhotonAssay does this by hitting samples with high-energy X-rays that causes excitation of atomic nuclei, allowing enhanced analysis of metals in as little as two minutes.
The company says that every sample analysed with PhotonAssay reduces CO₂ emissions and hazardous waste.
Currently, Chrysos’ PhotonAssay technology has widespread presence across Australia, Canada and Africa.

Welcome Drinks
12.30 pm

Have a drink while you re-connect with friends and colleagues from the club. Relax and unwind before sitting down to hear our speakers and enjoy a sumptuous meal.

  • Julian Malnic
Introduction by Julian Malnic
1.00 pm

Julian welcomes the members to the event and gives us a run-down on Mining and Resources News since the last event.

Chairman, Sydney Mining Club
  • Paul House
IMDEX Limited (ASX: IMD)
1.15 pm

Presented by CEO of Paul House

Chief Executive Officer
  • Dirk Treasure
Chrysos Corporation (ASX: C79)

Presented by Managing Director Dirk Treasure

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Question Time

Our speaker will take some questions from the members.

Coffee and wrap-up

The presentation will wrap-up, coffee will be served.

Julian Malnic

Julian Malnic

Chairman, Sydney Mining Club
Paul House

Paul House

Chief Executive Officer
Dirk Treasure

Dirk Treasure

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

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    3 August 2023 12:00 pm
    3 August 2023 3:30 pm
    252 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia